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Gym Fund

Cornerstone Classical Academy is building a state of the art athletic complex on our campus with a competition date of May 2025. If you would like to hear more about how you can help, email

The Cornerstone Classical Academy Gymnasium will be the epicenter of our school. It will allow CCA to compete in a wide range of sports and host games, hold large-scale events such as graduation, tournaments school dances and pep rallies, and provide a venue for theater, music and chorus productions. Our student body, parents, grandparents, and supporters of CCA can unite under the same roof to cheer on our boys' and girls' basketball teams, watch their child perform a Shakespeare play, and see our graduates accept their diploma in their caps and gowns. With our large stage inside the Gymnasium, performances can be held year-round for plays, dance recitals, and other school-related assemblies. The Gymnasium will be a place for all students to improve their overall health and will impact the culture of excellence rooted in our 7 school virtues. Moreover, the Gymnasium can be utilized by every Physical Education class, sports team, and club on campus, impacting each and every student year after year for generations of Spartans.

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