Frequently Asked Questions

How does the admissions lottery work?

Applications received during open enrollment windows are held until the end of that period. After the window closes, all eligible applications are counted (see our capacity per grade level). If during the open enrollment window there are fewer applications than spots available for that grade level, then those students will be eligible to attend and will be invited to complete their enrollment and registration. If during the open enrollment window there are more applications than spots available in that grade level, then a random lottery is run. After each lottery, students will either be invited to complete their enrollment and registration or notified of their wait-list status. For families that have applied to Cornerstone and received an email confirmation of student enrollment, please know that your child's seat is secure! If you are interested in sending your children to CCA, we recommend applying as early as possible.

My child got accepted into more than one school. What do I do?

If a student receives a lottery selection for more than one school, the parent/guardian must select one and decline the other. All required paperwork must be turned into the school as soon as possible.

I signed a petition or completed a letter of intent. Does that mean my child is already enrolled or entered into the lottery?

No, you must complete an application through our Smart Choice enrollment website.

I applied outside of an open enrollment application Window. What happens to my child’s application?

If submitted between open enrollment application windows, your child’s application will be entered into the subsequent window and/or lottery. If submitted after all windows are closed then it will depend on if there are spots available. If all windows have closed and there are still spots available for their grade-level, then they will most likely get in. Otherwise, if all spots are full then he/she will go on the wait-list.

My child is on the wait-list. What does that mean? Will he/she get in?

The chances of your eligible student getting accepted will depend on the size of the grade-level wait-list and its relationship to the number of open spots. CCA wait-lists are not on a first come first serve basis. A wait-list lottery will be held in the event there are more student applicants than spots available. Examples of opportunities to be promoted off the wait-list: Already-accepted students in your desired grade-level do not complete or submit their registration during the allotted time given Students in your desired grade-level who have accepted a spot withdraw, move away, choose a different school, etc

We live in Florida, outside of Duval county, can my student attend?

Yes, all eligible students in Florida may apply to attend CCA. In the event of more student applications than spots, there will be two separate lotteries, with in-county and out-of-county students being numbered separately. The out-of-county applications will only be considered if there are still remaining open seats after the completion of the in-county lottery.

We live outside the State of Florida, can my student attend?

No, CCA is only open to Florida residents. Proof of Florida residency is necessary to apply and have your child attend CCA. Please see Duval County Public School's eligibility and proof of residency requirements.

Will my child require shots/vaccines?

Yes. Please see the State of Florida immunization requirements on our website or Duval County's immunization requirements page.

What is CCA's policy for vaccination exemptions?

CCA recognizes all Florida vaccination exemption policies which can be found in the Florida Department of Health's Immunization Guidelines.

If I have more than one child and one gets into CCA, will the other(s) be guaranteed a spot?

Siblings of accepted and enrolled students will have priority in admissions.

Where is CCA located?

Our property is conveniently located right off I-295 between Atlantic Blvd and Beach Blvd at 2360 St. Johns Bluff Road S, Jacksonville, FL 32246 in Duval County.

Do you offer transportation?

CCA does not provide transportation.

What are the school hours?

CCA school hours for K-7th are 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, with dropoff beginning at 7:30 am.

Does CCA offer after school and before school care?

Yes, CCA offers before school care beginning at 7 am and after school care from 3pm-6pm.

What is a classical education?

A classical education is a content-rich, time-tested educational model that is systematic and comprehensive. It focuses on the liberal arts and sciences, moral character, and civic virtue. Classical education focuses on valuing knowledge for its own sake, and teaching children how to learn. The classical view of education holds that human beings are born with an innate curiosity that can be honed through education. Students will learn about historical events, characters, stories, fables, myths, scientific facts, and mathematical proofs. They will read whole books in great depth, and learn to approach books both with moderation to learn and courage to question. Classical education aims to bring out the best in every person by teaching young people to think for themselves. We strongly recommend reading An Introduction to Classical Education by Dr. Chris Perrin and A Classical Education for Modern Times by Dr. Terrence Moore.

What does the curriculum look like?

Our curriculum is language-focused where learning is accomplished through written and spoken words. It is well-rounded with a phonics-based approach to reading, and in mathematics it tightly aligns procedural fluency and conceptual application. Grammar is taught formally, as a foundational component of how the English language works. Reading the great classical works of literature enables students to connect to virtue and explore humanity and Western Civilization in ways little else can. Science is experienced through inquiry and hands-on laboratories. History leverages primary source documents, emphasizes civic responsibility, and is the organizing principle around which the subjects are arranged. Cultivating an affinity for beauty and artistic expression are important reasons why we teach art and music as core subject areas. Read more about our Curriculum.

What is a “traditional” classroom?

A classical “traditional” classroom prioritizes the authority of the teacher, which empowers him or her to impart their expertise and charges them with the responsibility to deliver it to students. Students are not passive recipients of knowledge, but active participants in the discussion through the Socratic discussion. This disciplined and orderly environment facilitates attention, focus, and engagement.

Which grade levels do you offer?

CCA will start the 2021-2022 school year with grades K-7th. We will add a grade each year until 12th grade in the 2026-2027 school year.

Are students required to wear uniforms?

Yes, all students are required to wear uniforms. Our uniform provider is Poindexter's Uniforms.

Is the school faith-based?

No, as a public school, CCA is nonsectarian and not religious. Everyone is welcome, no matter their belief system.

Where do the teachers CCA hires come from?

CCA has a diverse cross-section of educators who are subject matter experts in their respective fields, relative to the needs of the students. Many come from traditional schools, and others come from other professions, provided they have degrees in the fields of their instruction and Florida state teaching certification.

Are your teachers certified?

Yes, all of our teachers are required by law to hold a professional Florida teaching certification.

How are teachers evaluated?

Accountability is a critical component of education. CCA complies with all relevant laws and standards for evaluation by the state and Duval County Public Schools. Additional evaluations are conducted internally to ensure a high level of teacher performance as needed for the classical model employed by the school.

Do students have to take state tests?

Yes, students take state-mandated standardized tests. CCA, however, emphasizes our classical curriculum first and testing second.

Does the school offer Advanced Placement (AP) and honors courses?

Yes, CCA will offer courses for AP credit and honors at the time CCA opens an upper-level school. All CCA students will be considered by the school to be serious academic scholars, regardless of placement in advanced courses such as AP and honors.

Do you offer services to ESE (Exceptional Student Education) students?

Yes, CCA offers services to students with special needs. For further questions, please contact our office:

Are there accommodations for special needs and students on 504 plans?

CCA employs at least one full-time educator specialist in the standards and needs of students determined by the state or Duval County Public Schools to qualify for Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services.

What is CCA’s Behavior Policy?

All students and parents will receive and must sign acknowledging receipt of the Student/Parent Handbook, which outlines CCA’s behavioral policies. Each infraction and disciplinary outcome will be adjudicated on its own merits. Students involved will have the opportunity to present their views on situations that arise, and the school will consult any other involved parties in determining disciplinary plans. Disciplinary plans will be created in conjunction with parents, when necessary.

Do you offer VPK?

No, CCA is offering K-12th grade but does not have a VPK at this time.

Do you offer school lunches?

Yes, CCA offers students an opportunity to buy school lunches.

Does CCA offer foreign language?

Yes, CCA teaches Latin from 6th-9th grade. 10th-12th graders may choose to continue with Latin or study a different Romance language.

Do you study Latin and why?

Yes, we begin studying the Latin origins and roots of English words in 5th grade and begin a formal study of the language at the middle-grade levels as listed above. Read more about the value of learning Latin.

Is there Physical Education (P.E)?

Yes, all students have a P.E. class twice a week.

Does CCA offer art and/or music?

Yes, CCA offers both art and music on a weekly basis.

Do you teach penmanship and cursive?

Yes, classical education emphasizes the importance of penmanship and cursive writing.

How does the school utilize online and other computer technology?

Students have access to and training in the use of technology, but the school also has a preference for reading paper copies of books and traditional means of testing. It is CCA's view that the proper use of technology is an important aspect of navigating the modern world, but it is by no means the only one. CCA values preparing young minds to learn and adapt to a variety of tools, including emerging technologies, above any specific implementation.

Does CCA offer sports?

Yes, CCA offers a variety of sports which are listed on our website. As CCA grows and develops, an increasing number of sports will become available. We will be building a state of the art athletic facilities with the goal of completion by Fall 2023. Please email for more information.

Does CCA offer extracurricular activities?

Yes, CCA offers a full range of opportunities including clubs and extracurricular activities depending on student interest including chess club, Latin club, archery, soccer club, and Bible club.