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Learn the truth. Do the good. Love the beautiful.



We are principled individuals, who make consistently good choices in keeping with our knowledge of right and wrong. We seek the wisdom of others in cases of moral uncertainty.


We are willingly accountable for what we do and say, and we seek to learn from our mistakes.

Self Government:

We take responsibility to govern ourselves, our thoughts, and our actions in an upstanding manner as citizens who protect our culture of independence and autonomy.


We believe all people have inherent, human value deserving of kind and just treatment. Our attitude toward others and their property reflects the way we wish to be treated, regardless of individual differences.


We always do what we know to be right despite fear, hardship, and opposition. We resist negative peer pressure, defend our rights and the rights of others, and encourage others to do the same.


We apply consistent effort to the best of our abilities, regardless of the level of difficulty. We respond creatively to overcome obstacles and ask for help when necessary.


We are free of arrogance and cherish the unique qualities of others. We strive to do our best regardless of recognition.

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