• Cornerstone Classical Academy

First Annual Virtual Art Show

Cornerstone Classical Academy

Virtual Art Show

Through May 10, 2021

Here is the link:

V i r t u a l.

A r t.S h o w.


Go to the Virtual Art Show website and find your child's Framed Artwork. Explore the school's gallery to compliment, share, and support your school!


Share your child's artwork with grandparents, family, and friends using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Email! Now everyone can own a Framed Reproduction of their masterpiece!


You, family, friends, and classmates can leave positive compliments about your child's masterpiece! The school community can participate in the Virtual Art Show, building the self-esteem and creativity of your young artists.


Support your school and Art Program by participating in the Virtual Art Show! Every frame purchased contributes funds towards your child's Art Education.


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