Meet our Governing Board

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Chris Engl

Chris is a 20+ year Wall Street veteran who has covered many of the largest clients in the world, ranging from $1 Billion to over $1 Trillion in assets under management.  Chris's career began in New York City, followed by 11 years in San Francisco, and ultimately to Jacksonville in 2014 where he led the expansion of an institutional fixed income sales & trading desk across interest rates, foreign exchange, investment-grade & high yield credit, securitized products and structured solutions.  Chris's team grew revenues north of $100 million and Chris was nominated for Managing Director.


Chris decided to devote the second half of life towards making the world a better place, one project at a time.  He's an investor and consultant in a human prosperity project in Central America.  As a strong supporter of the value of a proper education and the study of human action, Chris was keen to rekindle his dream to start a privately-funded classical academy before fortuitously engaging with CCA's board.  Chris joined the Audit & Financial Oversight Committee to advise CCAs board on financial affairs and to lead CCAs municipal bond financing.  As a volunteer, Chris estimates he has put in 1000+ hours relentlessly assisting in the opening of CCAs Jacksonville Beach campus during the 2020 pandemic and to help build CCAs governance infrastructure and risk management policy and processes.  Chris also leads CCA's financial oversight as Governing Board Treasurer. 

Chris’s main goal for CCA is assure the opportunity for a world class education to as many children as possible.


Beyond all else, Chris loves being a dad of three and being married to his wife of 20 years.  He believes that a healthy family unit is the most life changing organization in the world.