Cornerstone Classical Academy Grievance Policy

No member of the school community shall be denied the right to petition the Board for redress of a grievance, but complaints are to be referred through the proper administrative channels for solution before coming to the Board. Exceptions are complaints that concern Board actions or Board operations only, which shall be directed to the Parent Liaison and/or the Board President.


The proper process for making complaints involving instruction, learning materials, or discipline that falls outside the scope of the discipline policy in the judgment of the Principal is to bring it to the attention of the lowest numbered individual as follows:

  1. Teachers

  2. Assistant Principal

  3. Principal

  4. Executive Director

  5. Board of Directors via designated Parent Liaison


Community members are encouraged to first address their concerns with the person they have a concern with before escalating the issue into a formal complaint.   


A parent or guardian wishing to invoke the complaint procedure shall make a written request for a conference with the appropriate party listed above detailing the grievance using the Conflict Resolution Form.  A complaint against a teacher shall be made to the Assistant Principal after the complainant has attempted to redress his/her concern with the teacher.  If a complaint is being made about the Assistant Principal, the complaint should be submitted to the Principal using the Conflict Resolution Form after the complainant has attempted to redress his/her concern with the Assistant Principal.  


The Assistant Principal, Principal, Executive Director or Board President, as applicable, shall acknowledge receipt of the complaint within three (3) school days, indicating the anticipated amount of time to investigate the matter, which shall be no more than 10 school days, unless more time is required to complete an investigation, in the judgment of the Board President.


The Assistant Principal, Principal, Executive Director, or Board President, as applicable, shall initiate or cause to be initiated an adequate, reliable and impartial investigation and grant an in-person conference with the complainant unless the parties mutually agree that the matter can be handled adequately through email communication or by telephone, or it is determined that the complaint is not legally sufficient to sufficient to move forward with or is duplicative of a prior complaint.


The complainant shall be permitted to present any information, documents or witnesses that are relevant to the complaint, provided that such presentation is in compliance with applicable law.

The administrator handling the complaint will work to respond expeditiously but in all cases shall in writing to the complainant within 10 school days, unless extended by the Board President.  The response shall outline the results of the investigation and any corrective or remedial action that will be taken as a result and shall be copied to that person’s direct supervisor. The supervisor shall add a copy of the Conflict Resolution Form and any related follow-up to the employee’s personnel file and student’s academic file (if applicable).


If the complainant does not feel the resolution of the investigation is adequate, s/he may request to be heard by the Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors.


If a person suspects misconduct by school staff affecting the health, safety, and welfare of a student, they should contact the Principal, or the Board if the allegations relate to the Principal.  If a child may be in immediate danger, call 911.  ​


​Anyone who knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that a child is abused, abandoned, or neglected should immediately report such knowledge or suspicion to the Florida Abuse Hotline: 1-800-96-ABUSE.


The Cornerstone Classical Governing Board is composed of local community members and parents committed to our mission and vision and ensures we stay true to it as a school. The Board is responsible for legal and financial obligations, establishing policy consistent with the Schools’ mission, and ensuring that the programs and operations of the School are faithful to the charter.


Approved by the Board of Directors, May 25, 2021

Conflict Resolution Form